I Failed

So today I wanted to get another 7-mile run in; but I was spent by mile 5 or so. The sun was just leeching the energy out of me.

There’s a section of the trail I run that’s not only concrete, it’s right next to a stone retaining wall for Interstate 25. (Yes, I’ve often wondered if I’ll see someone come over it someday). Anyway, the sun beats off that and the concrete sidewalk and it’s like running in a convection oven… well, what I imagine running in a convection oven would be like.

I quit at 6.2 miles for my 2nd fastest (of two) 10K distance.

Today’s Stats:
6.2 miles
1:16:34 h:m:s
12:21 avg. min/mile


I’m Glad It’s Friday

It’s not been an easy week, and I’m glad today’s Friday. I kept the run short today as well; there’s been so much to do at work due to the temperamental nature of releasing software into a production environment. I hadn’t planned to run very quickly today, but I don’t think I’m that good at running slow(er than usual). Seems I turned in a faster run time than I’d expected. Which, when you consider the temperamental nature of releasing software to a production environment, is probably a good thing.

Today’s Stats:
3.05 miles
36:28 m:s
11:54 avg min/mile

Reacquaintance Run

Oh, the best-laid plans.

As I mentioned on Saturday, we were moving last week and I’d hoped to get back on my running schedule starting Monday. But Monday started off terribly and got worse, and I wound up not making it. So today was my first day back at it. Just a three-mile run… and it’s starting to get warm at 7 in the morning, too. Or maybe that’s just me.

So even though the plan got pushed back a day, I’m back to it now.

Today’s stats:
3.05 miles
36:01 m:s
11:49 avg min/mile

July 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

We’ve been moving this week, and I haven’t run since Monday’s shameful shuffle (Wow, was really this week’s Monday? It seems like ages ago). I didn’t have any expectations for this run — my legs were tired from many many trips up and down the stairs, I’m off my schedule, my back is sore.

And I ran the fastest Nielson Challenge of the year (by 14.84 seconds). Go figure.

Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
20:09.240 m:s.hhh
10:00 avg min/mile


I was sore today — sore enough that I’d considered not running at all. I did seven miles on Saturday morning. We’re moving apartments, so there was a lot of hauling things up and down the stairs. But the coup de grace was the trip to hell Ikea yesterday. With all that, I started out today bushed!

But I wanted to get some mileage in at least, even if I knew it was going to be a little painful and slow. And despite our moving, I hope to get a run in Wednesday morning too; I don’t want to lose this momentum — and since this upcoming Saturday is the Nielson Challenge, I already plan to rest on Friday.

Today’s Stats:
3.06 miles
38:11 m:s
12:29 avg min/mile

Month of Milestones

It’s hard to believe it’s the last day of June. For me, June was a pretty awesome month full of new milestones reached:

Most individual runs in a month: 17 (prior record 14)
Furthest distance run in a month: 63.87 mi (previous 47.82)
New longest run distance: 7 miles – Last weekend, I actually set that one with 6.2 miles, but the previous record prior to last week was 5.85 miles.

I know there’s some additional room for improvement. There were a few weekdays I wussed out and ran shorter runs than I could have, and I skipped a Friday (though that was because I felt I should replace my shoes, so I don’t feel bad about that). One of the Saturdays turned into a far shorter run than I’d wanted.

I’ll have to think about what my next milestones should be. I’m focusing on trying to get my endurance up quite a bit — the 10K in September will be here soon.

Today’s Stats:
7 miles
1:23:01 h:m:s
11:52 avg min/ mile

63.87 miles / 50 | Goal +13.87 (Holy crap, that’s a half marathon’s worth of mileage over my goal)!

Slow Roll

I set out to run slow today knowing I’m going to try to run between 6.5-7 miles tomorrow. I also hadn’t decided on whether to do the 4-mile route or cut out earlier. But the cloud cover and slight breeze kept the temps to a reasonable level, making it a great day for a slow run.

I say slow… and it was slower than Wednesday‘s run along the same route. But ultimately, I felt like I still wound up doing pretty well overall.

Today’s Stats:
4.02 miles
48:10 m:s
11:59 avg. min / mile

56.87 m / 50 miles | +6.87 miles