I’m No Trend Follower

Which is why I biked to work a week after bike to work day. I mean, anyone can do it when there are way stations to stop and rest at every 10 ft, right?

A coworker rode last week, and I thought: I should just do it… Just get up and make the ride. So that’s what I did today. I debated on going for a shorter ride last night, but I passed in lieu of the round trip to/from work.

The ride to work is all uphill; but I really started struggling when I hit the dirt trails and the terrain that came with it. I was on course to be there in an hour or just over; but it took longer than that. I got to watch the Air Force cadets do pattern practice in their gliders, though. And I saw a deer that didn’t even flinch at my passing her this morning.

The ride home was mostly downhill, but the temps were much higher. It was nice to have had the 8 hours of ‘rest’ between rides. I walked it up the last stretch of the hill — believe it or not, I mostly do this on this side of the road because it’s against traffic. I mean, I have had to walk it up out of necessity too; but I don’t want to ride against traffic on this road if I can avoid it — and I also don’t dare cross it without a crosswalk and a red light, neither of which are close to where I come off Sinton Trail.

So here are the stats for today, listed in outbound/inbound order. Don’t ask me how the same route is different distances.


Today’s Ride(s):
12.37 miles
1:17:14 h:mm:ss

12.26 miles
1:10:04 h:mm:ss

That’s Why….

…people hate cyclists!

I went out for a short ride this afternoon. Along a section of the trail I ran into a few cyclists (can you sense the disdain?) riding side by side — or in other words, on the side of oncoming traffic (me). Grr.

Aside from encountering cyclists (snidesclysts? Wait, I can do better, come back to me) it was a somewhat trying ride. The wind was brutal, hard enough to suck the breath out of my lungs and pelt me with rain drops and pebbles.

But it’s done and I got a bit of exercise in this week. Speaking of, I started using the stairs at work: six floors of stairs from the basement entrance… it’s a climb!

Have a good weekend.

Today’s Ride:
6.62 miles
0:41:20 h:mm:ss

And Another One Down…

I got home today and decided to take a ride… in the low-90s temps and blustery wind.

I opted for the same route as the other day, and I think the outbound leg went really well. The return trip, though downhill, was all in headwinds. Fun.

Have a nice weekend.

Today’s Ride:
11.98 miles
1:09:46 h:mm:ss

He’s Going the Distance

But the speed… well, that might eventually come too.

Yesterday, I was tempted to go out for a ride; but the wind was so bad I opted hadn’t even changed into my riding shorts and I was dreading the climb up the hill. So I stayed at home.

But on the drive home today, I opted to ride halfway to the office and back. My last attempt at riding to the office and back was not so successful, and this seemed like a good practice point — half the distance to the office and twice the distance or so I’ve been riding.

I did have to walk the bike up the hill the last stretch or so; but overall, I’m pleased with this. I’m feeling less winded overall, so small improvements are happening.

Today’s Ride:
12.02 miles
1:06:51 h:mm:ss

A Hot Ride — Hot Rider

It’s pushing 90, I think, today — might be the warmest day yet this year. And like an idiot, after a crap drive home, I opted to go out and do another ride.

cyclist — from the ancient Greek words meaning suicidal idiot who can’t afford a car.

Funny story: there was a magpie on a tree branch about 25 feet away from the trail at the point I usually stop for water. It’s at the top of a long climb (TomTom says it’s the highest point on the ride). He looked as if he were going to fly away as I approached. Then he saw me and realized he could probably eat me when I keeled over. He only flew away when I stopped for the water.

I’m sure he was disappointed.

I did wind up walking up the steepest part of Centennial — it was just a bit too warm to push on.

Today’s Ride:
6.55 miles
0:38:08 h:mm:ss

Two in a Row

I decided to go for a ride today as well, same route – but instead of pausing the TomTom when I stopped for water (or to catch my breath — needing both at the same time was a drowning risk), I opted to leave it running:

Today’s Ride:
6.56 miles
0:37:11 h:mm:ss

An Afternoon Ride

I decided to go for a ride yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. My last ride was before some cold, snowy weather and frankly kicked my ass; but I have to do something. I’m not getting any more fit sitting around.

There’s been some improvement: I managed to make it to 3.5 miles in before needing to stop and rest — it’s at the top of a steep, deceptive hill along 30th street after coming down Mesa — it’s brutal. Around there, though, I forgot to restart the TomTom, so I think the stats are off a bit.

I also managed to keep the bike going all the way up Centennial — I ride up to the light and turn around because people race up and down Centennial and there isn’t the clearest line of sight.

Overall, I’m pleased with it… I just need to get out more regularly.

Yesterday’s Ride:
5.96 miles
0:32:23 h:mm:ss

Ambition… or Hubris?

I decided to go for a ride today… this time, I was determined to make it to the office from the house. I wanted to get a sense of how long it would take to ride it. I was serious enough that I only ate half my breakfast burrito from Monica’s Taco Shop (seriously, if you’re in town, eat here once at least) and decided to punt on my coffee run to Colorado Coffee. Serious stuff here.

Packing my other half burrito into a ziploc bag, I grabbed my camera bag and headed out. I estimated it’d be about 10-11 miles and it’d take me about an hour to do. And that’s the origin of the title. I’m not sure which it is.

I took it pretty easy but from here to the office is all elevation gain. I made it there in — with rests — about 90 minutes. I paused the TomTom when I stopped: it turns out it was around 80 minutes there. I at the other half of my burrito and rested for a few minutes. I’d hoped to get a ride home, but that didn’t happen, so I headed back out.

The ride back was much easier: it’s downhill. And at a rest point, I heard from my wife who was willing to meet me at the Woodmen park and ride, save me the last 5 or so miles, and swing by the coffee shop.

It was about 75% of a round trip, and I’m not sure that 90 minutes is a viable commute time. I’d guess more conditioning is needed.

Today’s Ride(s):
12.32 miles
1:18:06 h:mm:ss

6.89 miles
35:10 mm:ss

An Afternoon Ride…

Well, since I’m a dumbass, my plan to ride to work today didn’t really pan out.

Also I was a little nervous to do so, if I’m honest.

But mostly, it was my dumbassedness that made me opt for the car instead of the bike: I couldn’t fit my change of clothes and my lunch into the top of my camera bag. And the idea that I could leave some camera gear here is obviously ludicrous.

So when I got home today, I took the bike out for another shot around the Mesa Loop. Today, I worked on not stopping quite as much to catch my breath. I still walked the bike up the hill on Centennial, though — about a third of a mile. Whoof!

This getting not fat thing is a lot of work.

Today’s Ride:
6.45 miles
39:40 mm:ss

Fat Guy… Cycling

Look who’s fat back both.

I got pretty discouraged late last summer when my right leg started hurting, and I quit running entirely. I quit everything entirely pretty much. I didn’t even walk. And I quit my eating discipline.

And how it shows.

It took a while to consider I could break out my bike to exercise. And it took months of considering it to actually do it. I recently went back to my last job; and with that, a return to the office, at least a few days a week. The office sits near the freeway along the Pikes Peak Greenway trail up near the north gate of the Air Force Academy. I estimate it’s about 10-11 miles.

So I went out today on a Heart Attack Trial Ride, sticking to the Mesa Loop. I packed my camera with me and stopped at the Mesa street overlook for a rest few photos. It’s been so long I missed the turn where Sinton Trail leaves Garden of the Gods road.

And I walked the bike up the steep part of Centennial. So I have to start all over with the weight loss and eating discipline, cardio conditioning… well everything.

Today’s Ride:
6.53 miles
40:58 mm:ss (I wish I could run that pace)