It’s Getting Chilly

Today’s run was the last one I’d planned to do before my 5K this weekend. Normally, it’d be tomorrow; but my running schedule has been a little crazy as I accommodate my daughter’s volleyball matches. Oh well.

It’s the end of September, so I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s a little chilly in the mornings. I don’t think it was as chilly today as it was on Saturday; I mean, I didn’t see my breath this morning.

Now it’s just waiting for Saturday morning to roll around.

Today’s Stats:
3.05 miles
33:56 m:s
11:06 avg. pace


Fast Five

We have a family event later today, so I didn’t want to take too long on my run this morning. I wanted to do at least five miles, so that was the plan. It was a little cold when I started out — I could see my breath when I exhaled. But I figured I’d warm myself up pretty quickly. Over two miles in, my pace was still hanging around the 10:49 mark: I actually feel as if this last month or so, I’ve finally hit my stride. I’m not fast, and I probably won’t ever be; but this pace is quick for me. Who knows… perhaps more time will come off as I continue to run?

Next weekend is my 5k. Last year, I ran it in 33:33. I hit 5k this morning at 33:32 — so a slight improvement! Race-day excitement really helped out on my 10k, though.

Oh, as it turns out, I ran the entire five miles at a sub-11-minute pace. And my TomTom informed me it’s my fastest 5-mile run.

Today’s Stats:
5.16 miles
56:29 m:s
10:56 avg. pace

Short Run — Short Entry

Today came over humid and cloudy; there were sprinkles on the way in this morning, even. But I definitely appreciated the cooler temps as I set out this morning. I wasn’t sure how far I wanted to run this morning, so I ended up only doing a three-mile run. Not much else to say about it.

Today’s Stats:
3.06 miles
35:18 m:s
11:32 avg. pace

It Feels Like a Long Time

It seems like a long time since I ran — it wasn’t my intent to go all weekend without a run; and yesterday’s scheduled run got pushed to today. Ugh. On the other hand, I went out today and felt great. The last week or so, Denver and Colorado Springs have been getting record-setting/record-tying temperatures, but the mornings are still cool if you can get out early enough.

Since it seemed like such a long time since I’ve run, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be up for five miles; but that’s what I set out to do. There are plenty of ways to shorten the route if I get out there and decide I need to cut it short. But I didn’t have to take any of them today.

Today’s Stats:
5.02 miles
56:49 m:s
11:18 avg. pace

The Rabbit

My buddy Juan is in town this week, and he warms up at a pace faster than I usually run. He’s like the rabbit that greyhounds chase. It’s good to push, and I’ve been needing to do more speed work anyway.

Circumstances and timing prevented me from running on Wednesday, so I was well rested this morning. Once he got warmed up and left me in the dirt, my pace slowed a little; but I was feeling pretty good, and didn’t want to let it drop too much. I finally feel as if I’m in the groove again, after an extensive reconditioning period that took most of the summer. I also don’t want to let my endurance training go either.

I should set a goal to be running at least 10 miles by March — motivate myself to keep pushing through the winter. But “winter” places a big question mark over training here in Colorado.

Today’s Stats:
4.01 miles
45:03 m:s
11:13 avg. pace

After Some Rest

Obviously, I took the weekend off from running. Being sore and a little tired coupled with my daughter’s impromptu sleepover and some early Saturday plans, I opted to sleep a little more and take some time off Saturday. And it wasn’t like I did nothing all weekend: We walked around downtown a little bit Saturday and make a couple of trips through the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Sunday.

I know it’s probably good to have some down time occasionally; but whenever I do, my first run back makes me think that resting isn’t a great idea. Of course, my buddy is back in town — his pace is ~two minutes faster than mine. That might have had something to do with it. His warm up pace is faster than my pace.

But I enjoyed my run. It’s nice and cool in the mornings now.

Today’s Stats:
4.01 miles
46:23 m:s
11:34 avg. pace


The overcast morning was perfect for running, but my feet and legs are still a little sore and tight; so I figured it’d be a pretty slow run today. I was happy with the pace, though — most of it clocked in around 11.25 minutes/mile. Denver had some sprinklers going this morning in the park; and I got a cooling mist, a wet blast, and a weird look from some lady walking her dog.

Today’s Stats:
4.01 miles
45:33 m:s
11:21 avg. pace