…Or It Didn’t Happen

I’m not a fan of those “Strava or it didn’t happen” people. That attitude is actually one reason why I refuse to use Strava. Because some days are like today:

I decided to run at lunch today instead of first thing in the morning. Yesterday, snow was blowing in but today was nice and sunny — but cold in the morning. I was getting ready to head out when I realized I’d forgotten my watch. Oops. And I seriously debated on putting the run off until tomorrow.

But I went out and did a brief run (~3 miles) along one of my usual routes and have absolutely no data to show for it. This is how it used to be, I guess. And despite what the Strava-ites say, it did happen.

Today’s Stats:
~3.05 miles


Finally… Got Another Run In

Wow, it’s astonishing how quickly a week can go by before getting out to run. Sunday afternoon, I started feeling feverish and nauseated — enough that I stayed home from work Monday, and consequently didn’t run. Tuesday morning, I felt better enough to go to work; but figured it wasn’t worth pushing. Wednesday I went to my daughter’s morning assembly at school to hear her orchestra play… Last night, I packed my running gear and figured my shoes were crying with relief that they hadn’t been abandoned in the closet.

I’m not going to lie, it was cold this morning. The sun was out when I started. I figured I’d try for four miles… I wound up settling for three miles — the cold sapped my energy. And running the last quarter mile up the hill toward the office, the clouds of my exhaled breath rivaled a small vape cloud. That was sort of fascinating… almost as if I could see the temperature dropping. After my shower on the walk back to the office — and even as I write up this post-run post — the sky is gray and there are tiny snow flurries in the air.

But check out that average pace!

Today’s Stats:
3.05 miles
32:46 m:s
10:44 avg. pace

November 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

It’s that time of year: take my jacket? Run with gloves? Do I need my hat? Shorts or pants? Oh, the first world problems we have, right?

I set out at a pretty quick pace (for me), and tried to keep that up; but it’s difficult to run in the cold. I finished with a sub-20-minute run time (just), so I’m pleased with it. It’s the second month in a row that I’ve been under 20 minutes.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
19:59.090 m:s.hhh
9:40 avg pace (<- ! whoa!)

After an Unintended Break

Well, I hadn’t meant to go four days without a run. The family opted for a relaxing Saturday, and I was considering a run when my wife asked if I wanted to run an errand with her. I figured I’d catch up on Sunday morning — it’s not something I like to do, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. But then I remembered I was volunteering at an event my running club was putting on. And Sunday night dinner was a penne pasta with vodka sauce, a treat I over indulged in.

So there was no question about doing five miles this morning. I headed out thinking the sun was going to come out, but the clouds kept it gray-ish — there’s talk of snow this week, but it wasn’t too cold. I think my first mile was under 10 minutes, so I was doing pretty well (it’s also downhill, let’s be honest).

It was a good run on a good day for a run.

Today’s Stats:
5.07 miles
57:50 m:s
11:24 avg pace

Midweek Run

I woke up a little tired this morning and a little sore. I think, despite only having around 200 miles on this pair, my shoes may be nearing the end of their run. My times have been pretty consistent, though; so I’m optimistic that’s not the case.

When I left my house this morning, it was rainy and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got here. But it was fine when I did get out to run. On the downside, running a little later in the morning means I wind up having to deal with one of those locker people who basically move in. I can’t imagine what compels people to spread out all over the locker room. I try not to focus on the downside much here, though; that’s not too motivating, is it?

Though the temps lately have been on the colder side, I’m enjoying running this time of year.

Today’s Stats:
3.05 miles
34:20 m:s
11:14 avg. pace

Another Monday Strikes

It’s getting late enough in the year under daylight savings time that I had to put off my run for 15 minutes or so this morning to let it get light enough outside that I was confident in being seen. I don’t run much on the road, but the area that I do — well, I don’t want to get hit then. I may need to invest in a head lamp… so much for this sport having a low barrier to entry, right? Or have I just got deep enough into it that I’m less willing to give it up just because it’s cold out.

Speaking of cold, want to hear something funny? It was five years ago this month that I quit smoking. The reason I quit? I was tired of standing around outside in the cold to smoke (I didn’t smoke in my apartment or in my car).

This morning it was chilly out, but after a warmer-than-lately weekend it wasn’t uncomfortably so. The forecast for the week includes some temperature dips. I think this winter might be a little harsh, which’ll test my resolve to be up to a comfortable, consistent 10 miles by the end of March.

Today’s Stats:
4.03 miles
44:43 m:s
11:06 avg. pace

Four for the Road

I took my daughter to work this morning, then headed over to the park for a run. I didn’t have anything particular in mind when I set out. It was chilly (36 degrees F according to the car), but I figured I’d warm up soon enough.

The areas of the trail the sun reached were nice and warm; but a lot of my run route was in the shade. I thought it funny: in the summertime, the shade was a nice reprieve from the sun.

Today’s Stats:
4 miles
44:13 m:s
11:03 avg. pace