Little Wins

So the temperature Monday at lunchtime in Aurora, Colorado was hovering around 18 degrees F (around -7.78C). I opted not to run in that.

Today, I did the whole run without walking, which is nice to get back to that point… where I was only a few months ago. Of course, my pace is much slower. My feet have been going numb — like going to sleep — after I hit the 2-mile mark. I’m not sure what that’s about; but if you have dealt with that issue and have some suggestions to fix it, I’d love to hear it.

Today’s Stats:

3.03 miles
37:51 m:s
12:30 avg. min/miles


Hey, Boo-Boo…

Yesterday, I took my first ever yoga class. Does that make me a yogi? Can I think I see a pick-a-nick basket?

Seriously, I probably never would have paid to take a yoga class; but as a benefit at work, I have access to a couple of classes every week. I honestly felt great yesterday after the class. My legs felt better than they have in a while, and that’s worth something.

And that actually carried over into today’s run, too. I ended up walking some of today’s run as well, but less than I did Monday; so overall it was a pretty upbeat run today. I even saw a slight improvement:

Today’s Stats

3.03 miles
36:52 m:s
12:11 avg. min/mile

I Registered for the 2018 Run to the Shrine

So it’s official — I’m registered for the 2018 Run to the Shrine at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I guess that means today’s run was the first training run for that event.

Today has been windy, the sort of windy that sucks your breath away. I was debating on whether or not to go, but I figured I’d been making too many excuses not to run lately. Which is why I’m back to Square One in the first place, eh?

I didn’t have coworkers with me today, so I was back on 3-mile route. I think I walked about a tenth of the course (I’m still feeling a little bit of Saturday’s Nielson Challenge); but I hope to get my conditioning back up quickly.

I’m going to put this out there, because it’s available; but by no means feel any obligation to donate to the zoo. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo isn’t a tax-payer-supported Zoo, so if you choose to donate, you’ll be helping them out. Thanks.

Today’s Stats:

3.03 miles
38:03 m:s
12:33 avg. min/mile

February 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

Another Neilson Challenge has arrived. Today was in the 40s and it was a little chilly standing around waiting for the race to start. But at some point into the second mile, I pulled my jacket off and carried it the rest of the way. I wasn’t expecting much out of this: Even though I’ve been ramping up again in preparation for the Run to the Shrine, I’m well aware of how far down the conditioning slope I’ve come… and how far it is to get back.

So I was pleasantly surprised with today’s results:

2 miles
21:30.11 m:s (-14.81s from January)
10:38 avg. min/mile

Who Are You…

… and what have you done with Fat Guy Running? Twice in one week? This might be a new record… for this year.

So for the first time since sometime in November, I actually went at lunch for a run twice in one week. I’ve been feeling bad about not being consistent and for letting myself make excuses to not go; but even worse about gaining back all the weight I lost over the summer.

Today was a new experience for me aside from actually getting back on my self-imposed schedule: a coworker joined me for my run. According to him, he hasn’t run in 10 years. So I deliberately kept the pace slow — something both easier and more difficult than I’d thought it would be — and we kept the distance down a little.

Today’s Stats:

2.5 miles
32:54 m:s
13:09 avg. min/mile


By now you are aware I’m slacking off, and justifying it with whiny excuses like “it’s snowing and cold”. While it’s been cold on some days, it all ultimately came down to “I don’t wanna.” But what it is more like is: I want the results without doing the work.

But results don’t come without work, so I dragged myself out today. It was a pretty nice day, a bit on the cool side. I had to dodge icy patches, puddles and mud… and I quit recording at two miles, even though I had another mile to go and had set out with all the great intentions to run the whole damn thing.

Today’s Stats:

2 miles
23:56 m:s
11:58 avg. min/mile

Since I’m starting back at Square One, I’m only a little irritated with these numbers.

Square One

Well, it happened. Sort of.

I haven’t been actively training for anything since September, but I’d kept running because I didn’t want to let my conditioning slip. Registration for the Run to the Shrine opens this month, and I’d hoped to be at a relatively decent level of conditioning going into January. But I’m not — I feel I’m nearly back to square one.

A coworker suggested I register for a race to keep the motivation up; she’s training for a marathon in May. Perhaps that’s all it is. Is that what keeps you going, training, even when you don’t feel like doing it?

At least I can always fall back on the mantra that any run is a good run

Today’s (embarrassing) Stats:

4.15 miles
55:25 m:s
13:20 avg. min/mile