2018: The Year in Pointless Numbers

And another year down. I have some big goals for 2019 I’d meant to talk about before that year rolled into town, but I’m better at procrastinating than I’d like to admit. So the pointless numbers (I care about) breakdown, according to my TomTom, for 2018:

Activities: 115
Distance: 394.4 miles (I know there’s a 3-mile run I didn’t have my watch for… but this is “according to the TomTom”)
Time: 77:45:21 h:m:s

Thanks for tagging along and keeping me honest. Happy new year, and I’m looking forward to seeing you in 2019.



I ran yesterday, but forgot to write up the details. Whoops!

So it’s just a quick entry today to post the results of yesterday’s run, which went really well!

Yesterday’s Stats:
3.61 miles
40:46 m:s
11:12 avg. pace

Warm Sunny Day

I set out to run slow today, and accomplished that with ease. I’ve been starting out too quickly, and I know pacing is going to be an important factor in finishing my half marathon (which is admittedly a long way off); so I’m trying to get that sorted out.

It was a beautiful day, edging toward 60°F (15.56°C). This is great for running… but no sooner had I joined the trail than I was nearly run over by a cyclist who didn’t bother to announce her presence. How come it’s so difficult for cyclists to understand that courtesy costs nothing. If I, devoid of a force multiplier, can announce myself when I’m passing someone when I’m running… Ah, well: It’s not all of them… (just most). (I really do try to keep a positive tone on this blog, and try to keep the focus on the runs).

Today’s Stats:
4.0 miles
47:50 m:s
~12:00 avg. pace (I had a willpower and technology issue today, so I don’t know what it was exactly)

Perfect Day

The weather was perfect for a run; a bit on the cool side, but not enough to make the run miserable. Circumstances last week interfered with my later-in-the-week runs, so I basically slacked off. It’s sad how easy it is to allow myself to get derailed.

Some wonderful ladies were cleaning up the trail as I ran by today. I said, and meant, thanks! Whoever you are, I appreciate your doing that.

Today’s stats:
3.12 miles
36:14 m:s
11:37 avg pace


It was cold outside today. I looked at the snow falling last night, and thought do I really want to go run tomorrow? And the answer was: not really.

But the forecast for the week wasn’t any more optimistic and I’ve slacked off entirely too much over November (though I’m blaming it on time and weather changes). So out I went. In the relative shelter of the office park, I considered doing 4 miles; but I got out on the road heading for the trail and the breeze hit me. Foolishly, I figured I’d warm myself up enough and left all my cold-weather gear in the locker.

I’d love to say I won’t make that mistake again, but I probably will. I’m not sure if my pace is a reflection of how cold it was out there or not.

I just looked up the temp: 32°F/0°C

Today’s Stats:
3.05 miles
32:55 m:s
10:48 avg. pace

December 2018 — Nielson Challenge Results

And year review.

It was cold today, on the first of December for the final Nielson Challenge of 2018. It wasn’t too bad when I left my place, but down at the park it was chilly. Fortunately, the sun came out and tried to warm up the race.

I set out pretty quickly, and then started doubting myself a little bit. I’ve mentioned before that I think I start too fast. But I tried to keep my pace steady, and I banged in a decent time: It’s my third sub-20 in a row. Go me.

This year, I’ve spent 4:09:43.43 (h:m:s.hh) running Nielson Challenges. Last year’s total was 4:16:06.2 (h:m:s.hh)… so there’s been an overall improvement I can point to.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
19:49.760 (m:s.hhh)
9:51 avg. pace

Regression Testing

It was easier to start out slow today — I’ve been having trouble with that lately and I’ve been running out of steam much sooner than feel is right. Also, since I’ve been slacking off, I’ve gained back a lot of the weight I’d burned off during the summer. Being slow is a little easier when I’m a fat ass… okay, a lot easier.

Today was a nice day for a run. Sunny and warm enough to be outside, cloudy and cool enough to keep the temperatures under control. This of course means the Cyclist Menace was in full swing. I never can understand why it’s so hard for cyclists to just give a simple warning they’re going by.

It was a good run, even though I was a little disappointed with my pace. I’m paying for slacking off, but I hope to reverse the slide more quickly than what happened last winter.

Today’s Stats:
5.03 miles
60:30 m:s
12:01 avg. pace