I Don’t Know…

… if I can actually do this. I am struggling to hit distance goals and I’m not having much fun doing this. I’m sure once it’s over, I’ll be stoked… but for now… I really don’t like this. At. All.

I’ve opted to plateau my mileage, so I was shooting for 8 again today. I ended up walking most of the uphills, though I tried to a run .10/walk .05 cadence up the worst of it.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 8 miles
8.44 miles
1:54:20 h:m:s
13:32 avg pace

Total miles trained: 77.27



So last Tuesday was my last run — a week off, and I definitely was starting to get the itch to get back out there. Possibly some of that was the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head, knowing I have more training to do… but mostly I just was feeling the urge to get out and run. This weekend I’d got up early to go run, so I hadn’t planned on slacking for a week; I just had some wonderful justifications I couldn’t waste.

I’d forgotten I signed up for a lunch thing today. Parenthetically, why do these things happen on run days? Does this happen to anyone else? Is it a cosmic conspiracy to test my/our dedication? If so, I’m failing, really since I’ve let two days slip. Anyway, since I was reminded of that yesterday, I opted to only go out for 3 miles today; but I told myself I’d do them fast. Or try.

Turns out this is my fastest average pace (by ~40s/mile) of the last 68.83 miles. By the way, that number is also kind of fascinating to me… I wonder if I should keep a running total of miles I run in a year. Go me.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
3.12 miles
36:28 m:s
11:41 avg pace

Total miles trained: 68.83


Three More

I set out with a plan to do either 3 or 4 miles today. My legs are still a bit sore from Saturday’s run, so after I set off I opted for 3. But it seems I did those miles at a relatively quick pace (well, quick for me).

I was talking with a coworker (who’s training for a 50K trail run) yesterday at lunch; she echoed some advice I got on my last long-run post. So I may dial back the mileage increase this weekend.

How’s everyone else doing today?

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
3.05 miles
37:35 m:s
12:19 avg pace

Total miles trained: 65.71



Ugh… I’m glad the half-marathon course is relatively flat (as flat as you can conceivably get in Colorado Springs, I guess). After needing to walk up some of the hills on the end of my run, I don’t have the gas to make it at pace. Whew!

Another “longest distance” run in the books.

Serious question: at what point do you know you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? I felt that way this morning when I started out (not about 8 miles, but about the half). I mean, I haven’t given up… but I have to add over half again as many miles… It seems out of my reach.

On the other hand, my pace for most of my run was down; the average pace doesn’t really reflect that, but it’s still encouraging.

Edit: I thought of something when I was in the shower… I’ve doubled the distance I’ve run since my baseline run. I’ll try to focus on that instead of the distance still to train.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 8 miles
8.11 miles
1:48:26 h:m:s
13:20 avg pace

Total miles trained: 62.66

No route pic today since I left from my house.

Well Rested

With last week’s holiday, the Nielson Challenge last weekend, and a co-worker lunch activity on Tuesday, my running schedule’s a little wonky lately — but it means I was well rested when I headed out today. It probably also helps I’ve been wussing out on my bike rides home: I’ve recruited my wife to pick me up about halfway home, thus saving my legs the uphill climb.

I think this is my fastest pace of half-marathon training.

Random thought: I’ve considered adding a stat to my run logs — The number of cyclists that announce when they’re passing versus the ones that don’t. I don’t count any going the other way, just the ones going the same way as I am. If I’m running next to the trail and they’re on it (this was common when I was running in Aurora), I don’t count it; but if they’re off it as well, I do. I always announce myself when I’m riding past people (because I hate it when people don’t let me know), I even do it when I’m running up behind someone. Obviously I’ve been thinking about this for a long time — I guess I finally had to get it out there.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
4.21 miles
52:04 h:m:s
12:22 avg pace

Total miles trained: 54.55


July 2019 — Nielson Challenge Result

I was toying with the idea of actually trying to beat my last course record. But I was still a little tight from Thursday’s run, and that didn’t happen.

But my buddy was there. He’d broken his foot and hasn’t run in a few months. He walked today’s race, but I doubt it’ll be too long before he’s back to trashing me.

I didn’t do a course record run today, but this is my best result this year.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
20:47.920 m:s.hhh


Schedule Swap

I wrote this yesterday, 4 July, but it appears I actually overwrote the post I was trying to copy from. Whoops. Maybe I should rehydrate before I try to update my running log!

Today is Independence Day in America, so I opted to go for my long run today instead of on Sunday. Saturday is July’s Nielson Challenge; and this scheduling worked out better, I figured.

So I got up early and headed out around 0630, hoping to beat the heat. Most of this route is paved, too; more like I’ll be running during the actual race. I was keeping up a pretty steady pace (>12:50) until I hit Fillmore: it’s 225 feet of uphill elevation change in half a mile (68.58 meters in 0.81km). I ended up having to walk some of that.

This run puts me at just over 50 miles of half-marathon training.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 7 miles
7.53 miles
1:39:39 h:m:s
13:12 avg pace

Total miles trained: 50.34

No route image today since I ran from my house. But there’s this: