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5K Saturday

So there’ve been some changes to my schedule this week that I’ve used as convenient excuses to not run. I won’t be running in Hampden Heights in Aurora for the foreseeable future: I start a new job soon that doesn’t entail a long commute in the mornings. What it means for me is I can bike or run to work. That’s exciting.

This morning, I got up and headed down to Monument Valley Park to do a couple of miles. I just wanted to get out and do something, and the something turned out to be a slow 5K. I joke that when I run to work, since I’m a slow runner, it’ll still take me an hour to get there.

Today’s Stats:
3.1 miles
39:22 m:s
12:42 avg pace


Baby Steps

As in I told myself this morning: “Get off your fat ass and go run. Quit whining, you big baby!”

Since I’m clearly a meanie and a bully and I didn’t want to put up with that, I went and ran. It was my first run in Hampden Heights in a long time (December, I think). I was expecting to have to stop to walk for a bit; but as it turns out, that wasn’t necessary. And I wasn’t too far off my pace, either.

Maybe I’m not a lost cause after all.

Today’s Stats:
3.05 miles
36:53 m:s
12:05 avg. pace

April 2019 — Nielson Challenge Result

Oh how the tubby has swollen…

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. But this was my worst time this year… as you may imagine, given I haven’t been doing much (read: any) running lately. So I have to use this as a spring board to get back to it (and you know, actually get back to it this time instead of just saying that and then not doing it). The Run to the Shrine is coming up soon!

Today’s Stats
2 miles
22:21.490 m:s.hhh

Square 0

I know it’s supposed to be ‘back to square one’, but I write C/C++ code — so I’m indexing to zero in the proper fashion.
I got home and decided to do the run I didn’t do at work today. Nothing special; just a couple of miles. I think the trudgemill erodes tolerance to real running surfaces… What do you think? Or is it just that I’m still fat and I’m beating my knees, feet and legs with all that mass?

Today’s Stats?
2.33 miles
29:19 m:s
12:35 avg pace

Two Almosts

I almost bailed on my run plan today. I definitely considered it. Not running is so much easier than running, especially since my legs are sore from Saturday’s impromptu dash. But I (begrudgingly) rolled out of the office around 1130 much later than usual, and headed over to change.

I almost ran outside today. Out of the wind it would have been a tad chilly, but nothing the run wouldn’t handle itself. But in the wind, it was much colder and I opted for the trudgemill. It wasn’t anything to write about: Just a 2-mile slog — I’m in remedial jail, basically. But it won’t be long before it’ll be warm enough to run outside.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
26:40 m:s
13:20 avg. pace

Refamiliarising Myself with the Pain

Look who’s back! Your favorite(?) fat ass is back to pounding the pavement.

Yeah, I’ve been lazy the last few weeks. But for some reason this afternoon (maybe it was the sunlight) I felt like getting out for a run. I was under no false impression: I was only planning to do 2 miles. That’s my official minimum to count as a run, by the way. Everywhere from my apartment is downhill, so starting out was fine; but the drawback to that is that everywhere from my run is uphill. And I made it most of the way up the hill before Newton’s Laws took over and inertia dragged me to a panting, sweating, red-faced walk. It wasn’t pretty.

But I got a run in. Sort of.

Today’s Stats:
2.31 miles
28:52 m:s
12:28 avg pace

March 2019 — Nielson Challenge Result

Last night a partially-frozen mist was falling from the sky over Colorado Springs, and I woke this morning to a foggy view out my window. My heart wasn’t really in today’s Nielson Challenge beforehand; but I enjoyed it more than I expected.

My daughter has a solo and ensemble competition this morning, so I’m off to that.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
21:52.540 m:s.hhh