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The End is in Sight

Today’s weather was perfect for running. There was a chill in the air and the breeze helped keep me cool. I had a meeting to get back for, so I kept it relatively short; but I did try to keep the pace up a bit. I wasn’t entirely successful, but I did keep the average pace under 12 minutes for most of the run.

Today’s run puts me over 100 miles training for this half marathon…

… which is only a couple of weeks away. I’m looking forward to its being over.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
3.01 miles
36:26 m:s
12:06 avg pace

Total miles trained: 100.88

Route pic


No Deal

Just over halfway through the run this morning, near the turn around point, there was an older guy sitting on the park bench near the Nielson Marker. As I ran by, I asked him if he wanted to trade… no deal. I’d already done the hard part, what more could he want?

It was actually a perfect day for running… mostly overcast and gray, not too hot at all. The sun poked through the cloud cover a few times, but mostly it was nice and cool. It’s hard to believe it’s already the last week of August.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
4.22 miles
52:18 m:s
12:24 avg pace

Total miles trained: 97.87

Route pic

Back To It

I haven’t run in almost two weeks. That’s not good. I’ve been a little disinterested in it. You know how it is when you have to do something instead of wanting to do it? I really think that’s where I’m at right now. I’m not enjoying the half-marathon training at all.

But having said that, I set out today to do 3 miles and felt pretty good (as you might imagine with nearly two weeks off), so I didn’t turn around for the 3-mile run and kept going for 4. I’ve been doing a new thing with my watch, too, the last few runs: Instead of keeping the average pace visible on the face, I put something else up. As it turns out, I’m not too much slower when I don’t neurotically monitor the pace.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
4.21 miles
53:27 m:s
12:42 avg pace

Total miles trained: 93.65


That Helped (a little)

I’ve post-op’d the last few long runs and one thing I figured I could change was not running from the house. Since no matter the approach it’s all uphill from everywhere, I opted to run at the park today.

But one lap of the park from to bottom is only 5-ish miles, so I did some wandering too… It mostly helped, but as I was staggering through the last mile or so, I realized it hadn’t helped as much as I’d thought. I’m still really struggling with the longer distances.

But I did it, and it’s another “longest run” in the books. And I’m still in the 3-hour finish mark. So I guess that’s good.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 9 miles
9.01 miles
2:02:54 h:m:s
13:36 avg pace

Total miles trained: 89.44


Eighty Miles!

Today’s little shuffle in the park ticked me over the 80-mile mark. Eighty miles of half-marathon training. That’s hard for me to believe. I don’t feel 80 miles ready-er for this run, either.

I got the car back yesterday afternoon, so I jumped back into the training regimen right away with a short run. A week of bike riding to work wasn’t kind on my legs, and I’m a little sore right now. But I guess that’s to be expected.

I guess that’s about all…

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
3.16 miles
38:34 m:s
12:11 avg pace

Total miles trained: 80.43


I Don’t Know…

… if I can actually do this. I am struggling to hit distance goals and I’m not having much fun doing this. I’m sure once it’s over, I’ll be stoked… but for now… I really don’t like this. At. All.

I’ve opted to plateau my mileage, so I was shooting for 8 again today. I ended up walking most of the uphills, though I tried to a run .10/walk .05 cadence up the worst of it.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 8 miles
8.44 miles
1:54:20 h:m:s
13:32 avg pace

Total miles trained: 77.27


So last Tuesday was my last run — a week off, and I definitely was starting to get the itch to get back out there. Possibly some of that was the Sword of Damocles hanging over my head, knowing I have more training to do… but mostly I just was feeling the urge to get out and run. This weekend I’d got up early to go run, so I hadn’t planned on slacking for a week; I just had some wonderful justifications I couldn’t waste.

I’d forgotten I signed up for a lunch thing today. Parenthetically, why do these things happen on run days? Does this happen to anyone else? Is it a cosmic conspiracy to test my/our dedication? If so, I’m failing, really since I’ve let two days slip. Anyway, since I was reminded of that yesterday, I opted to only go out for 3 miles today; but I told myself I’d do them fast. Or try.

Turns out this is my fastest average pace (by ~40s/mile) of the last 68.83 miles. By the way, that number is also kind of fascinating to me… I wonder if I should keep a running total of miles I run in a year. Go me.

Today’s Stats: Minimum – 2 miles
3.12 miles
36:28 m:s
11:41 avg pace

Total miles trained: 68.83