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Running in Place

I’ve been on the treadmill a lot lately; but it’s cold outside — which you’d expect as it’s winter — and I’m trying to make the best of things. One thing about the treadmill is that the pace doesn’t vary once it’s set. This helps me with pacing, or at least I hope it does. I did a quick 3 miles on the treadmill this morning, looking out over the city and at the snow-covered mountains to the west.

Today’s Stats:
3 miles
35:56 m:s
11:59 avg. pace


Two More With The Treadmill

I cut my run short this morning because I wasn’t sure if I had a meeting — it turns out I didn’t, but that’s okay. I worked from home this morning because the weather isn’t ideal (as you can tell from the photo): the roads were wet when I left and 12 miles up the road were ice. Winter weather is beautiful, but I appreciate it more when I don’t have to drive with other people in it.

So I headed down to the fitness center for a date with the *sigh* treadmill. It wasn’t too bad, but not excellent. I’ve already matched the number of runs this January that I did all of last January. So I think, regardless of method, that’s an improvement.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
23:32 m:s
11:45 avg pace

Making Peace With The Treadmill

I’ve never really liked running on the treadmill, but I’ve decided to try to make peace with it for the near term. It was supposed to be nice today, but the temp doesn’t factor in the breeze and overcast skies. So I opted to use the treadmill in the gym. If there’s an upside to that, it’s the ability to control the pace. I opted for a relatively slow pace (~12m/mile), and I did 3 miles.

There’s not much else to report about it. I doubt this will be a regular thing (the last time I ran on a treadmill was March of last year); but I can’t let the weather “win” any more. I have too much training to do!

Today’s Stats:
3 miles
35:08 m:s
11:42 avg. pace

A Windy Run With the Kiddo

I’d forgotten about a school activity scheduled for today, and I ended up working from home. It’s always hard to fit in a run on days I work from home. But after I wrapped up today’s work, I geared up and was headed out the door when the kiddo asked what I was doing.

I invited her to go along with me; she’s not much of a runner, but I figured the slower companion would help with my pacing issues. We put in a really windy 3 miles, with a few breaks for her — she’s not enthused about running like her dad is.

I was definitely feeling yesterday’s bike ride as we ran up the hill — and yes, it’s easier to run than to ride.

Today’s Stats:
3.04 miles
40:39 m:s
13:23 avg. pace

January 2019 — Nielson Challenge Result

The first Nielson Challenge of this year. It was cold, as might be expected; and it seemed like such a long time since December’s.

This Nielson Challenge kicks off my running schedule for 2019. I’ve been lazy too long, I think: I definitely felt it this morning. And my pacing problem plagues me still… I started out too quickly, as is my wont.

Bring on the new year!

Today’s Stats:
2 Miles
21:23.220 m:s.hhh
10:36 avg. pace

Warm Sunny Day

I set out to run slow today, and accomplished that with ease. I’ve been starting out too quickly, and I know pacing is going to be an important factor in finishing my half marathon (which is admittedly a long way off); so I’m trying to get that sorted out.

It was a beautiful day, edging toward 60°F (15.56°C). This is great for running… but no sooner had I joined the trail than I was nearly run over by a cyclist who didn’t bother to announce her presence. How come it’s so difficult for cyclists to understand that courtesy costs nothing. If I, devoid of a force multiplier, can announce myself when I’m passing someone when I’m running… Ah, well: It’s not all of them… (just most). (I really do try to keep a positive tone on this blog, and try to keep the focus on the runs).

Today’s Stats:
4.0 miles
47:50 m:s
~12:00 avg. pace (I had a willpower and technology issue today, so I don’t know what it was exactly)