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2019 Run to the Shrine

Well, considering I didn’t do much prep, I’m not too disappointed with my time: 53:32

It was a beautiful day for it. I didn’t really try too hard to run the whole uphill, even though that was one of my stated goals. I knew I hadn’t really done much preparation. I did enjoy the views on the way up.

The timing system sent me this:

Here are your results for the 2019 Run to the Shrine:
Your final time is 00:53:32 at a 00:13:23 pace.
You finished 438 out of 1350 runners.
You finished 24 out of 45 in your class M40-44.

So, as you can see, today’s stats:
4 miles
53:32 m:s
13:23 avg. pace

My TomTom listed it as ~1400 ft (426.72m) of elevation gain.


2019 Run to the Shrine

Hello, Everyone.

Thanks for following along; I really appreciate it. I’m not usually all that good at doing donation-type messages because I really can’t help out all the causes people have. So I understand if you are unable to donate to the Zoo. I appreciate that CMZ isn’t funded by tax dollars, which adds value to our membership — at least in my mind.

Here’s some of the boilerplate stuff they sent:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a non-profit organization and one of only a handful of American zoos that receives no tax support. Your donation will support breeding of endangered species, care and enrichment of Zoo animals, conservation programs around the world and education programs to foster a love of wildlife.

If you wish to donate, you can click here (link will open a new window, and take you to raceroster.com).

What’s Coming Up

Today’s run had some issues: the trudgemill quit on me. I hadn’t even been running that long. I tried something new this morning and set the incline to 5 — whatever that means — and ran the first mile at 4.5 mph. The first run event of the year I have planned is The Run to the Shrine. My goal for this year is to run the whole thing. Last year, I think I ran about 1 of the two miles to the shrine, and both miles back.

So while I’m on the trudgemill, I think I’ll try to do some conditioning for that particular event.

The trudgemill’s breaking on me this morning caused some issues with how far I ran; but it was about 2 miles, plus some intervals.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
25:16 m:s
11:34 avg pace

Run to the Shrine

Today was the day! It was a good morning for running, overcast and cool. My family got out of bed too early for a Saturday and came along with me. I wanted to get there a little early because I wanted to find a good parking space at the zoo lot. We were actually among the first there.

So I checked in, picked up my bib and then we waited. While we were waiting, I looked up the difference in elevations between the zoo parking lot and the Shrine: 1336 feet of elevation change in two miles. Whoa!

I wasn’t prepared for how crowded it was, and since the line to the port-o-johns was long (and I’m realistic about my abilities), I started toward the back of the group and had to weave my way through way more people than I expected.

I lasted exactly .75 miles at a slow run pace before Cheyenne Mountain sapped my resolve to run the whole thing. I ended up alternating between walking and shuffling the ascent. At the turn around point, though, gravity took over and I really didn’t have much choice but to run the descent. In my case, it should’ve been the Run from the Shrine!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me while I was doing this. I’ve been working toward this for a bit over a year now. I appreciate Bren for getting me into running; and Bri for the yoga instruction. Jen for her encouragement (and good luck running Colfax tomorrow!). My family has been supportive, and I appreciate that — as I said, my wife and daughter got up way too early for a Saturday.

Today’s Stats:
4.0 miles
49:33 m:s
12:23 avg. min/mile

I Registered for the 2018 Run to the Shrine

So it’s official — I’m registered for the 2018 Run to the Shrine at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I guess that means today’s run was the first training run for that event.

Today has been windy, the sort of windy that sucks your breath away. I was debating on whether or not to go, but I figured I’d been making too many excuses not to run lately. Which is why I’m back to Square One in the first place, eh?

I didn’t have coworkers with me today, so I was back on 3-mile route. I think I walked about a tenth of the course (I’m still feeling a little bit of Saturday’s Nielson Challenge); but I hope to get my conditioning back up quickly.

I’m going to put this out there, because it’s available; but by no means feel any obligation to donate to the zoo. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo isn’t a tax-payer-supported Zoo, so if you choose to donate, you’ll be helping them out. Thanks.

Today’s Stats:

3.03 miles
38:03 m:s
12:33 avg. min/mile

The Run to the Shrine

I mentioned that one of my near-term goals is to run the Run to the Shrine. The Shrine in question is the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun that sits on Cheyenne Mountain overlooking Colorado Springs.

Today Mike’s Camera was holding a demo day at the zoo, which is the starting point of the run, and I snagged a couple of photos of the shrine from various points in the zoo. Walking through the zoo a couple of times today, I realized how challenging this race is actually going to be.

Most of these pictures, I took with a Canon 6D Mk II and an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM lens (if that matters).

The road is visible in the lower right corner of the photo.

This last photo was taken at an elevation about where the race starts. The Shrine is the turn-around point. I am definitely going to have to work on my hill running. We’ve driven the route a couple of times, and it’s almost non-stop climb from the zoo to the shrine.