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January 2019 — Nielson Challenge Result

The first Nielson Challenge of this year. It was cold, as might be expected; and it seemed like such a long time since December’s.

This Nielson Challenge kicks off my running schedule for 2019. I’ve been lazy too long, I think: I definitely felt it this morning. And my pacing problem plagues me still… I started out too quickly, as is my wont.

Bring on the new year!

Today’s Stats:
2 Miles
21:23.220 m:s.hhh
10:36 avg. pace


December 2018 — Nielson Challenge Results

And year review.

It was cold today, on the first of December for the final Nielson Challenge of 2018. It wasn’t too bad when I left my place, but down at the park it was chilly. Fortunately, the sun came out and tried to warm up the race.

I set out pretty quickly, and then started doubting myself a little bit. I’ve mentioned before that I think I start too fast. But I tried to keep my pace steady, and I banged in a decent time: It’s my third sub-20 in a row. Go me.

This year, I’ve spent 4:09:43.43 (h:m:s.hh) running Nielson Challenges. Last year’s total was 4:16:06.2 (h:m:s.hh)… so there’s been an overall improvement I can point to.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
19:49.760 (m:s.hhh)
9:51 avg. pace

November 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

It’s that time of year: take my jacket? Run with gloves? Do I need my hat? Shorts or pants? Oh, the first world problems we have, right?

I set out at a pretty quick pace (for me), and tried to keep that up; but it’s difficult to run in the cold. I finished with a sub-20-minute run time (just), so I’m pleased with it. It’s the second month in a row that I’ve been under 20 minutes.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
19:59.090 m:s.hhh
9:40 avg pace (<- ! whoa!)

October 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

Today marks two years since I started running. Sort of — I count the first Nielson Challenge I did as the point where I “started running”. October of 2016. My time that day was 22:35.266. So far, the slowest I’ve ever done it was in January of 2017; that time was 25:37.775. The fastest time I’ve put in was last Octobers: 18:58.89

Today’s run was cold when the breeze was going; and it looks like the sun is making an effort to come out. Today’s run was awesome, I kept up a sub-10-minute pace for both miles of the course.

I’ll update the post with my official results for today once they’re posted.

Today’s Stats (TomTom):
2.01 miles
19:36 m:s
9:45 avg. pace

Today’s Stats (official):
2 miles
19:34.56 m:s.hh

September 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

The weekend of the 10K is here, and with it comes September’s Nielson Challenge. I wasn’t sure how to tackle today’s run… I’ve been running really consistent Nielson Challenge times this year, and I think that’s a win by itself; but I also didn’t want to go all out and be too sore for Monday.

As it happens, I just cruised at what felt comfortable, and it turns out I banged in a time that was under half a second slower than last month’s time. How cool is that? I also picked up my bib and shirt for Monday’s 10K. I’m stoked!

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
21:04.950 m:s.hhh
10:28 avg. pace

August 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

August hasn’t started off the way I’d wanted it to. We’ve had some family issues come up that have kept me from starting off as I’d’ve liked. But things, I think, are settling down. September’s runs are going to be here before I know it.

I haven’t run since Monday, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare during today’s Nielson Challenge. I didn’t check my pace at all during the first mile, and I felt I was doing pretty well; until I got back to the start/finish/1-mile point and saw the gun time was over 10 minutes already. (I felt I was in the 9s somewhere).

As it turns out, I didn’t do too poorly overall, though it was a slower run than last month’s — I almost eked out another 20-something-minute run.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
21:04.460 m:s.hhh
10:26 avg. pace

July 2018 — Nielson Challenge Result

We’ve been moving this week, and I haven’t run since Monday’s shameful shuffle (Wow, was really this week’s Monday? It seems like ages ago). I didn’t have any expectations for this run — my legs were tired from many many trips up and down the stairs, I’m off my schedule, my back is sore.

And I ran the fastest Nielson Challenge of the year (by 14.84 seconds). Go figure.

Whatever the reason, I’ll take it.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
20:09.240 m:s.hhh
10:00 avg min/mile