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An Afternoon Bike Ride

So even though I ran the Nielson Challenge this morning, the weather was nice enough to lure me out this afternoon for a bike ride. I rode through Garden of the Gods and up Mesa Avenue where I took this pic of Pikes Peak and the north formations of Garden of the Gods.

I’m not sure how far it was, maybe around 10 miles? I don’t even know how long it took. It’s all very hilly with a lot of long steep climbs. The 5-mile loop around Garden of the Gods starts out with a pretty significant climb. The downhills are fast (in the neighborhood of 26-30 mph, maybe), and I hoped I didn’t run into any deer in the bike lane (which is an extremely likely possibility) — I didn’t.


The Freezing Dozen

So if you were paying attention on Friday, you’ll remember it snowed here this weekend. So my daughter gets off work early this afternoon and says “yeah, I’d like to go for a bike ride”. It’s as warm as 35°F (1.67°C).

Well, I try not to let my kiddo down, so I bundled up (not enough, it turned out) and we broke out the bikes. Did 11.84 miles in ~80 minutes or so. I used my watch to get the distance and time; I’m sure my TomTom dashboard was like “Whoa, what happened to this fat ass?!” before I changed it from a run activity to a cycling activity!

Anyway, it was a blast to be out riding with the kiddo. She tackled the hill up to our apartment with… well not enthusiasm… enough determination to make it without stopping. I am proud of her.

A Short Bike Ride

The weather lately has been relatively warm, and after breakfast this morning, I thought I’d dust off my bike and go for a ride. I haven’t ridden much as I’ve been focusing my aerobic efforts on running, but I’ve got a pretty nice bike that I haven’t used much. (It’s a Trek Marlin 6, if you’re interested in that stuff).

Everywhere from our apartment is downhill, and I used Sinton Trail to get onto the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail (which runs alongside Monument Creek). I headed south from there through Monument Valley Park and looped around America the Beautiful Park. The Monument Valley Park/America the Beautiful Park is essentially the route of my 10K from September.

Heading back north through town is uphill and — today — into the wind. It’s a more discernable uphill climb from Pikes Peak Greenway along Sinton Trail and back to the apartment. I actually think it’s easier to run up the hill than it is to ride up it.

I think I rode something between 10-12 miles.

Change Of Scenery

You may have noticed I didn’t run yesterday. Friday night it snowed those big wet fluffy flakes; and Saturday morning was cold.

This afternoon, though, I broke out my bike and took it out for a 10-mile ride. It’s not the same as a run, but at least it’s some sort of cardio activity.

I’m not a road cyclist; in fact, I typically can’t stand road cyclists. Fortunately, there’s not a lot of paved trail before getting into the loose muck and dirt on the Air Force Academy; so I don’t have to deal with them too much on my bike rides.

There were a lot of runners out today.