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Cold Ride

I woke up this morning and it was foggy outside. That didn’t deter me from my plan to ride to work today, though I did take the time to find the headlight for my bike. I don’t trust drivers to see me when the weather’s good.

What I wasn’t able to see was that it was really not just foggy. It was drizzling too. So I got wet. And cold.

But the thrill of not having to drive to work, especially not an hour’s worth of that misery, is completely worth it.


An Afternoon Bike Ride

So even though I ran the Nielson Challenge this morning, the weather was nice enough to lure me out this afternoon for a bike ride. I rode through Garden of the Gods and up Mesa Avenue where I took this pic of Pikes Peak and the north formations of Garden of the Gods.

I’m not sure how far it was, maybe around 10 miles? I don’t even know how long it took. It’s all very hilly with a lot of long steep climbs. The 5-mile loop around Garden of the Gods starts out with a pretty significant climb. The downhills are fast (in the neighborhood of 26-30 mph, maybe), and I hoped I didn’t run into any deer in the bike lane (which is an extremely likely possibility) — I didn’t.

75% The Man (and Some Rambling)

I want (arguably need) to be 75% the man I am right now. I lose a bit of weight over the summer and inevitably gain it back in the winter — which sucks. As I’ve mentioned, I am looking at the Colorado Springs Half Marathon in September, and I definitely don’t want to be dragging all of (current-) me around for 13 miles.

I don’t know what you suspect Springtime in the Rockies is like, but it’s likely colder and snowier than you imagine. March is historically the month we get the most snow in Colorado. And the weather is frighteningly schizophrenic: shorts-warm one day and blizzard-blowing-snow-holy-crap-it’s-freezing cold the next.

I took PTO today since my mom’s in town for a visit; and while she and the kiddo were out running around shopping, it was warm enough to tempt me out for a bike ride. I rode a little over 14 miles. I hoped to work some of the stiffness from yesterday’s short run out of my legs. The fact that they’re as sore as they are is a big indicator why I need to become less the man I am! Though it was a little windy, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

2019 Run to the Shrine

Hello, Everyone.

Thanks for following along; I really appreciate it. I’m not usually all that good at doing donation-type messages because I really can’t help out all the causes people have. So I understand if you are unable to donate to the Zoo. I appreciate that CMZ isn’t funded by tax dollars, which adds value to our membership — at least in my mind.

Here’s some of the boilerplate stuff they sent:

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a non-profit organization and one of only a handful of American zoos that receives no tax support. Your donation will support breeding of endangered species, care and enrichment of Zoo animals, conservation programs around the world and education programs to foster a love of wildlife.

If you wish to donate, you can click here (link will open a new window, and take you to raceroster.com).

American Discovery Trails 10K


So as first 10Ks go, I’d say this one was a success. The weather was cool, the sky overcast. It was perfect running weather.

The course basically follows Monument Valley Park, so I have been running it on weekends as training — though I’ve been running it in reverse. And I haven’t been anywhere near 70 minutes, which was my realistic goal time for this run. But I wasn’t going to focus on that, and just enjoy myself — which I did.

Two miles in, my average pace was still under 11 minutes. And over the next 3 miles or so, it stubbornly stayed at 11:01 — that second was teasing me.

Ultimately, I crossed the line in 1:09:50 (chip time). Nine seconds to spare. Piece of cake.

Thanks go to my family, as well as Bren, Jemma, Brie, and Jenn.

Today’s stats (via Pikes Peak Road Runners):
6.2 miles
1:09:50 h:m:s
11:16 avg pace


Following the race, I got an email from the race registrar: The turnaround for the 10K was placed slightly off, which resulted in a long course. We apologize for that. Some feedback we’ve received is that it was appoximately 10.25K. We’ve updated the pace calculations in the results to reflect that distance.

It doesn’t change the chip times at all, but the pace has been updated: avg pace 10:58

I’ll post the stats from my TomTom:

6.37 miles
1:09:53 h:m:s
10:58 avg pace

Run to the Shrine

Today was the day! It was a good morning for running, overcast and cool. My family got out of bed too early for a Saturday and came along with me. I wanted to get there a little early because I wanted to find a good parking space at the zoo lot. We were actually among the first there.

So I checked in, picked up my bib and then we waited. While we were waiting, I looked up the difference in elevations between the zoo parking lot and the Shrine: 1336 feet of elevation change in two miles. Whoa!

I wasn’t prepared for how crowded it was, and since the line to the port-o-johns was long (and I’m realistic about my abilities), I started toward the back of the group and had to weave my way through way more people than I expected.

I lasted exactly .75 miles at a slow run pace before Cheyenne Mountain sapped my resolve to run the whole thing. I ended up alternating between walking and shuffling the ascent. At the turn around point, though, gravity took over and I really didn’t have much choice but to run the descent. In my case, it should’ve been the Run from the Shrine!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me while I was doing this. I’ve been working toward this for a bit over a year now. I appreciate Bren for getting me into running; and Bri for the yoga instruction. Jen for her encouragement (and good luck running Colfax tomorrow!). My family has been supportive, and I appreciate that — as I said, my wife and daughter got up way too early for a Saturday.

Today’s Stats:
4.0 miles
49:33 m:s
12:23 avg. min/mile

October 2017 — Nielson Challenge Results

Today is the sort of unofficial one-year mark since I started running. As I mentioned in my first post, I got into this to run with my daughter who was in cross country last year in school. Today’s Nielson Challenge is the 12th one I’ve run.

And a great run it was, too. In August, I beat the sub-20 minute goal I’d had, and my new goal was sub-19:30. Well, today’s official (actual) run time was: 18:58.890. So I’d say that’s beat, as well as the sub-19. Next bar will be sub 18:30.

Today’s stats (from the TomTom):

2.02 miles
19:01 m:s
9:26 avg. min/mile