What’s Coming Up

Today’s run had some issues: the trudgemill quit on me. I hadn’t even been running that long. I tried something new this morning and set the incline to 5 — whatever that means — and ran the first mile at 4.5 mph. The first run event of the year I have planned is The Run to the Shrine. My goal for this year is to run the whole thing. Last year, I think I ran about 1 of the two miles to the shrine, and both miles back.

So while I’m on the trudgemill, I think I’ll try to do some conditioning for that particular event.

The trudgemill’s breaking on me this morning caused some issues with how far I ran; but it was about 2 miles, plus some intervals.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
25:16 m:s
11:34 avg pace


6 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up

    1. matt Post author

      Is that what the number means? The percentage? I don’t like to use the treadmill, when I can avoid it; but it definitely works well for this sort of thing.


      1. pathtofinishline.com

        Yes. It’s like % of incline compared to the tread length. Sort of gradient.

        I use treadmills when the weather is really bad or when I have to do such structured workout with fluctuations in incline. Both of these cases, it’s amazing.

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      2. matt Post author

        Thanks for letting me know that. I had no idea what it was. Mystery solved. As for the treadmill… well, it’s not my favorite activity, but I went into last spring lacking too much conditioning, so it’s serving the purpose.


      3. pathtofinishline.com

        Glad I could solve a mystery, never thought of myself as Sherlock Holmes though 😉

        Oh yes! It’s really good when it comes to body conditioning as well. There’s one more thing you can experiment – you can see how your foot hits the ground. That’s what a lot of footwear stores are doing these days to get you the right shoes. Some stores even do it online with the video you send them.

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