Two More With The Treadmill

I cut my run short this morning because I wasn’t sure if I had a meeting — it turns out I didn’t, but that’s okay. I worked from home this morning because the weather isn’t ideal (as you can tell from the photo): the roads were wet when I left and 12 miles up the road were ice. Winter weather is beautiful, but I appreciate it more when I don’t have to drive with other people in it.

So I headed down to the fitness center for a date with the *sigh* treadmill. It wasn’t too bad, but not excellent. I’ve already matched the number of runs this January that I did all of last January. So I think, regardless of method, that’s an improvement.

Today’s Stats:
2 miles
23:32 m:s
11:45 avg pace


1 thought on “Two More With The Treadmill

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