American Discovery Trails 10K


So as first 10Ks go, I’d say this one was a success. The weather was cool, the sky overcast. It was perfect running weather.

The course basically follows Monument Valley Park, so I have been running it on weekends as training — though I’ve been running it in reverse. And I haven’t been anywhere near 70 minutes, which was my realistic goal time for this run. But I wasn’t going to focus on that, and just enjoy myself — which I did.

Two miles in, my average pace was still under 11 minutes. And over the next 3 miles or so, it stubbornly stayed at 11:01 — that second was teasing me.

Ultimately, I crossed the line in 1:09:50 (chip time). Nine seconds to spare. Piece of cake.

Thanks go to my family, as well as Bren, Jemma, Brie, and Jenn.

Today’s stats (via Pikes Peak Road Runners):
6.2 miles
1:09:50 h:m:s
11:16 avg pace


Following the race, I got an email from the race registrar: The turnaround for the 10K was placed slightly off, which resulted in a long course. We apologize for that. Some feedback we’ve received is that it was appoximately 10.25K. We’ve updated the pace calculations in the results to reflect that distance.

It doesn’t change the chip times at all, but the pace has been updated: avg pace 10:58

I’ll post the stats from my TomTom:

6.37 miles
1:09:53 h:m:s
10:58 avg pace


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