Run to the Shrine

Today was the day! It was a good morning for running, overcast and cool. My family got out of bed too early for a Saturday and came along with me. I wanted to get there a little early because I wanted to find a good parking space at the zoo lot. We were actually among the first there.

So I checked in, picked up my bib and then we waited. While we were waiting, I looked up the difference in elevations between the zoo parking lot and the Shrine: 1336 feet of elevation change in two miles. Whoa!

I wasn’t prepared for how crowded it was, and since the line to the port-o-johns was long (and I’m realistic about my abilities), I started toward the back of the group and had to weave my way through way more people than I expected.

I lasted exactly .75 miles at a slow run pace before Cheyenne Mountain sapped my resolve to run the whole thing. I ended up alternating between walking and shuffling the ascent. At the turn around point, though, gravity took over and I really didn’t have much choice but to run the descent. In my case, it should’ve been the Run from the Shrine!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me while I was doing this. I’ve been working toward this for a bit over a year now. I appreciate Bren for getting me into running; and Bri for the yoga instruction. Jen for her encouragement (and good luck running Colfax tomorrow!). My family has been supportive, and I appreciate that — as I said, my wife and daughter got up way too early for a Saturday.

Today’s Stats:
4.0 miles
49:33 m:s
12:23 avg. min/mile


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