Racing Against a Showoff

I didn’t realize there wasn’t cross country practice this morning, so my daughter and I showed up anyway. She’s decided to try out for volleyball instead, which means she may not be running cross country this year. She accompanied me on my first mile or so; and I finished up my run.

Monument Valley Park is a really great place to run. The trail runs alongside Fountain Creek and consists of hard packed dirt that’s mostly the color of dried brick. There’s no denying it when you run there. On my return leg, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cat running next to the trail. It quickly left me behind and disappeared into the weeds. I’m not too proud to admit I spared the breath to actually call him a showoff.

Should it be a new goal to outrun the cat? Hmm…

Today is my furthest distance so far, coming in at a whopping 4.32 miles. I’ve been pushing a little farther each run, and will probably continue to do so until I decide it’s enough. Here are today’s stats:

4.32 miles
49:54 m:s
11:33 avg min/mile

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